Quality – Plastic

In Etapak Baski Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.S., the control criteria for all the plastic products are determined according to the customers’ expectations; Incoming Quality Controls of the incoming materials and Process and Outgoing Quality Controls of the semi-finished and finished products are regularly made; accordingly, each phase of the process is kept under control. The tests and examinations are carried out in conformity with the international standards by means of test devices and measurement equipment at Quality Assurance Laboratory.

1. Melt Flow Index (MFI) Measurements: Melt Flow Indices (MFI) of all the incoming plastic raw materials are measured in conformity with ISO 1133, TS 1675 standards by means of the Melt Flow Index Measurement Device. 

2. Appearance Controls: Visual features – determined by the related directives- of all the materials, by-products and products are controlled. 

3. Dimensional Measurements: Dimensional measurements of all the materials, by-products and products are made by means of our measurement devices that are periodically calibrated. 

4. Color Measurements: Colors of the semi-finished and finished products, we produce, are sensitively controlled by Color Measurement Device (Spectrodensitometer); thus, the colors are made available and consistent with the options of our customers. 

5. Endurance Tests: Endurance tests of the semi-finished and finished products, we produce, are carried out according to the related directives and customers’ specifications. 

6. Aging Tests: For our R&D studies, Light Fastness and Aging Tests are made in conformity with TS 8106-2 ISO 4892-2 Standard by means of our Light Fastness and Aging Test Devices. Thanks to these tests, it is possible to notice changes in the colors and other technical features of the products, when they are exposed to the outdoor conditions for a long time.