Code of Conduct

Together with its employees, Ozgorkey Group targets to become a symbol of trust, sustainability and prestige for its country, customers, shareholders, farmers and sub-industries.

Therefore, within the body of Ozgorkey Group;

Social Responsibilities

  • The corporation abides by the constitution and all the laws of the country where activities are conducted by either a legal entity or a real person is active and related rules and core of the ethical values of the society.
  • No improper benefits may be allowed from the persons and legal entities, and no bribery is accepted or granted in any way for whatsoever reason.
  • The corporation makes possible commitments in all the relations and communication activities and no misleading direction is made
  • Taxes and all the other liabilities are fully and timely paid and fulfilled.
  • All the information, abilities and experiences of the corporation are used for common interests of the society, universal humanitarian gains and protection of the cultural heritage and enhancement of the human welfare.
  • The corporation may not use negative and humiliating expressions about or against the other institutions and organizations as well as other persons.

Responsibilities with regard to the Employees

  • The only criterion for recruitment, appointments and promotions in different areas within the body of Ozgorkey Holding is the availability of the required qualifications. No discrimination is allowed in religion, language, race and gender.
  • The employees are provided sound, healthy and safe working conditions.
  • The employees notify to the related persons of the matters potentially resulting loss of the corporation and its stakeholders and the corporation manages these complaints according to the principle of confidentiality and does not disclose its source.
  • Private and confidential information on the employees are not disclosed or revealed without permission of the employees.
  • Equality of opportunity is procured for training, direction and improvement of the employees.
  • Recommendations and wishes transmitted by the employees are handled, replied and motivating measures are taken.

Responsibilities with Regard to the Business Associates

  • Business relation, based on trust and including common benefits between the business associates and the corporation, is conducted within the frame of the awareness for social responsibility.
  • All the major resolutions and transactions are notified to the shareholders in compliance with the acts and in a correct manner.
  • The corporation works with the business associates, adopting its Code of Conduct.

Environmental Responsibilities

  • Natural resources are effectively and efficiently used; and responsibilities against today’s people and the next generations are fulfilled.
  • In investment resolutions, the results to be caused by the environmental pollution and extinction of the natural resources are taken into consideration.

Vacant Positions

  • We are aware of the fact that we achieved to secure our position in both Turkish and foreign markets thanks to our qualified, well-appointed, innovator, proactive, open for improvement and dynamic colleagues, adopting the philosophy of continuous development.
  • With this consciousness, we, as the Human Resources Department, run all of our practices in compliance with the labor laws, code of conduct and equality of opportunity;
  • We pay utmost attention to our employees’ working in a safe and healthy environment.
  • We use and develop assessment and evaluation systems, which enable objective assessment of the performances.
  • We support competences based on which they might use and develop their potentials and encourage them to assume responsibilities.
  • We determine personal and occupational development of each employee and give importance to utilization of effective training modules.
  • We give priority to appointment and promotion planning of our employees in consistence with their career development according to our priority of intra-company backup.
  • We successfully apply compensation policy and social benefit policy, which integrate them into our company and which are competitive enough to retain them and award their success.
  • We offer a platform, where all the communication channels are efficiently used; and the recommendation system is regularly observed and awarded.
  • As Ozgorkey Holding A.S and Etapak Baski Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.S, we manage our recruitments at one stop basis.