Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy is determined to the extent that it would support vision, mission and business strategies.

The only criterion for recruitment, appointments and promotions in different areas within the body of Ozgorkey Holding is the availability of the required qualifications. No discrimination is allowed in religion, language, race and gender.

All of the strategies such as planning, recruitment, placement, work assessment, training, remuneration and social rights, performance management, industrial relations and labor relations are efficiently applied in group companies of Ozgorkey Holding.

Ozgorkey Holding conducts activities required for recruitment and development of candidates, potential to carry its Companies to the future. It ensures that the industrial relations would be determined, observed, developed and the related implementations would be executed in coordination.

It ensures establishment of close cooperation with the educational institutions for educating the persons, appropriate for the needs.

It ensures strengthening of communication between the companies, in the company and between the departments.

Recommendations and wishes transmitted by the employees are handled, replied and motivating measures are taken.

Ozgorkey Holding is responsible for performance of all the human resources practices at its companies in compliance with the Labor Law and related regulations.