Our Values

Ozgorkey Holding values, developed based on the principles and values of Mr. Nevzat Ozgorkey, are the principles and behaviors we share, guiding all of us during our daily professional life, reflecting our culture, directing us towards our vision and objectives.

These values are;

Social Sensitivity: To support contribution by the employees and the company to the society and the country’s economy.

Honesty and Prestige: To always act in compliance with the professional ethics and discipline and to serve as a model by acting honestly, overtly and consistently.

Sensitivity to Local and Foreign Customers: To comprehend current and future expectations and to create consistent and permanent customer satisfaction.

Team Spirit and Solidarity: To assume responsibility to achieve common goals. To ensure that our personnel would work in harmony with the sense of belonging and to appreciate the efforts and the achievements.

Dynamism and Sedulity: To spread positive energy to the environment and affect positively the working environment with the enthusiasm and passion created and get fast results relating to the goals and develop recommendations making differences.

Outward Oriented/Innovation: To follow up innovations and get involved in them and support the development and become entrepreneur.

Being Confident: To reveal one’s information and show own capabilities, abilities and be confident in achievements relating to one’s own business.